Branding, what? Why would you need branding as a psychologist? Branding may sound strange applied in the context of a clinical practice, but it is a key strategy for differentiating yourself and staying memorable.

Let me give you an example:

There are two psychologists who both provide a lot of different psychotherapy, assessment, and consultation services.

  • Psychologist A: “I’m a generalist, I work with anyone and can treat just about anything.”
  • Psychologist B: “I provide a wide range of services, but specialize in the treatment of adolescents and young adults.”

Notice, how they say very similar things, but that your mind probably treated these statements very differently. Most people will immediately forget generic messages like that of Psychologist A, as there’s nothing there to hold on to. Messages with “anyone” or “anything” get lost in the noise of our busy lives.

The word “adolescents” and “young adults” serve as anchors in Psychologist B’s statement. The next time you get a referral for a teen, it much more likely that you’ll think of Psychologist B, because of these words.

This is what branding does for your practice. By having a consistent message that stands out and clearly communicates what you provide you’ll be easier to remember and easier to refer to.