Consulting and Coaching Services

As clinicians most of us receive  no training on the business-side of having a private practice. I offer one-on-one consultations and coaching  services for both those just starting out and those who are already established but are needing a boost. Business acumen can be learned just like all the theories and diagnoses we’ve worked so hard to become familiar with, and I can help you with the learning process.

Below are some of services I provide.


Set up your Psych Assistantship

Setting up your psych assistantship can be complicated and anxiety provoking. If you are looking for help, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve helped dozens of psychological assistants navigate the complications of finding a supervisor, setting up payroll services, setting office policies, building referral streams, finding malpractice insurance, registering with the Board of Psychology, etc.

Visit my Psych Assistant page for more info.

Building your Brand

In starting a practice it is important to stand-out, be unique. Perhaps you’ve heard of branding applied to other products and services, but never thought of it in terms of your clinical practice. Just as Coke or Hilton have spent time and energy to create an image for themselves, so should you. This is a way of making yourself memorable, of showing your skills, and differentiating yourself from the competition. The good news is you may have already started this. Do you have business cards? A website? If so, these are part of your “brand”. If not, you’re in a great place to begin, to sculpt your image exactly as you want and for the most effect. Regardless of where you are in this process I can help you define and refine your brand.

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Ethical Marketing

Marketing and sales may make you feel gross or could sound antithetical to the practice of psychology. Most of us don’t like to think about our practices as small businesses, and as a result we feel even more uncomfortable thinking about marketing our services. We seem to carry the false belief that being a good clinician is enough. That by hanging a shingle and word-of-mouth we will be flush with referrals.

Unfortunately this just isn’t true. If you have a private practice you are a small business owner. And just like any successful business you will need to market. The good news is you may already be doing marketing without realizing it.

Networking, giving talks, presenting papers, engaging with your community, passing out business cards are all forms of marketing. If this is news to you, it is likely that you are thinking too narrowly about marketing and limiting it to commercials and ads.

Most beginning therapists (and a lot of senior ones) lack a marketing plan, and will haphazardly sell their services. This may bring some success but is inefficient and can waste your time. Instead it is important to be strategic in your marketing.

Marketing can be overwhelming when you are just starting out. Learning how to effectively communicate your value can feel daunting. This can be further complicated if you are pre-licensed and starting a psych assistantship. Particular caution is needed as the California Board of Psychology does not allow advertising that could misrepresent psych assistants as licensed or independent practitioners.

Regardless of where you are in the licensing process it is important to ethically and accurately describe your services. I can help you craft marketing strategies that are ethical, effective, and targeted.

Visit my Marketing page for more info.

Overcoming Technophobia and harnessing the power of the web

Like it or not, technology is a mainstay of business in the 21st century. As a clinician you cannot ignore technology and hope to have a thriving practice. Younger clinicians may be less wary of websites, social media, accepting credit cards, electronic health records (EHR), etc. but may be concerned about HIPAA compliance, or ethical issues.

Regardless of where you are in relation to technology, I can help you harness the power of the web, cloud, and apps to build your practice, streamline workflows, and generate more referrals.

Visit my Web Development page for more info.

Money Issues

Perhaps you worry about creating consistent, predictable income. Maybe you are afraid of burn-out because you feel you must see 40 patients per week to make ends meet. Do you feel uncomfortable being paid for helping others? If so, you are not alone. Many of us have hang-ups about money.

Just as we have countertransference we also bring our unconscious and conscious relationship with money into the consulting room. If you do not explore this part of yourself you may be handicapping your private practice and financial success.

If you wonder about how to set your fee, or are worried about joining provider panels due to low pay rates, I can help you work through these issues, examine your relationship to money and help you reconcile any obstacles to your financial success.

Visit my Money Matters page for more info.